The Prototype

The Prototype Hydra was released in June, at Blade Show 2015. Featuring a hand ground, mirror polished,recurve tanto blade. 416 stainless steel body and 6AL-4V blazed titanium hardware.

Quantity made: 30

Production Hydra


This is a single action OTF (out the front) knife. It is the first of its kind to feature a button safety and double prong pocket clip. To operate the knife, simply move the button safety over with your thumb, then press the button underneath to fire. In order to retract the blade, press the button while pulling the charging handle from the bottom of the knife. Release the button and return the charging handle to its original resting state. this recharges the spring inside, and resets the mechanism. To watch an operational video, check out our Facebook or Instagram.

Photos by Arizona Custom Knives


Photos by Jim Skelton

Quantity made: Recurve Tanto - 11  Tanto - 11  Clip Point - 11

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182 Copper

The first official batch of the custom Hydras were revealed in August, at USN the gathering 2015. They came in three different blade styles, all in mirror polish: recurve tanto, traditional tanto, and clip point. Each knife featured a royalloy stainless steel body, carbon fiber charging plate with 182 chromium copper charging handle and copper hardware.